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Innovative new boiler heats homes using potatoes

Growing numbers of households are looking for innovative ways to replace their gas boilers, which is why Andrew D’Auria Solutions (ADS) has become the only UK stockist of the most exciting new alternative: The SPUDboiler.

Instead of burning gas, the SPUDboiler runs on potatoes. This means you can literally grow your own fuel. Created by Italian cousins of ADS founder Andrew D’Auria, the SPUDboiler is astonishingly efficient. Its energy saving technology means that just 500g of potatoes will keep the boiler running for four hours – enough to provide an evening’s warmth for you and your family.

An additional innovation, introduced for the SPUDboiler2, has the ability to run the boiler at a lower temperature to create beautiful baked potatoes with perfectly crisped skins.

The boiler was developed by brothers Antonio and Giovanni D’Auria, both of whom grew up cooking potatoes in volcanic ashes on Mount Etna near their Sicily home. The ultra-hot temperatures gave the potatoes a superior consistency not achieved by other cooking methods, so after training as plumbers, the brothers decided to develop a machine that would enable people in other countries to cook potatoes in a similar way.

Their efforts did not initially go as planned: the first device caused a small explosion and the second burnt down their grandmother’s garage, but they quickly realised they had created something so efficient that rather than cooking potatoes, it could combust them, turning the starches into energy. They started growing potatoes with renewed vigour and soon their home was entirely heated by potatoes.

The brothers still held onto their dream of using the device to cook potatoes, however – which is why the SPUDboiler2 is such an important development for them.

“The SPUDboiler2 is the ultimate eco-friendly, energy efficient cooking and heating solution,” said Antonio. “We are now at work on the SPUDboiler3, which, as well as cooking potatoes, will also combust other root vegetables and maybe also brassicas, although these currently generate unappealing fumes. We’ve come a long way, however, and will not let this deter us.”

ADS decided to introduce the SPUDboiler to the UK as part of the company’s drive to support and embrace new technologies. For the month of April, it is offering the chance to visit the company’s headquarters in Landore, Swansea and see the boiler in action.

“We’re honoured and excited to be introducing the SPUDboiler to the UK,” said ADS managing director Andrew D’Auria. “We believe this is the future of central heating, as well as an amazing culinary breakthrough. We’re inviting people to come to ADS to see this remarkable invention at work. If you bring your own potato, we’ll even cook it for you.”

If you want to see the SPUDboiler in action, please contact us ADS to arrange an appointment.

( By Jenny White at jennywhitewriter.com)

                Sorry, we tricked you, although we would love to invent this amazing ultimate eco-friendly, energy efficient cooking and heating solution!