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Our Director of Operations is a former Sergeant Major who served in The Welsh Cavalry. This Remembrance Day we salute him! 

This Remembrance Day we want to say a very big thanks to our very own Sergeant Major,  Anthony D’Auria – our indispensable Director of Operations.

Anthony is brother to our founder Andrew D’Auria and a former Sergeant Major in 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, the Cavalry Regiment of Wales and the Border Counties. Since hanging up his combat boots he’s put his military experience to good use at ADS, keeping us all in order and making sure our operations run like clockwork. He’s the strong man at the core of our business and couldn’t do what we do without him.  

1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards is one of the UK’s oldest regiments, with a long and distinguished history going back to 1685. Since founded it has many roles and now specialises in reconnaissance – which involves surveying the enemy to understand how they operate and spot weaknesses.

It was originally a horseback regiment, but these days it favours Jackal 2 high mobility vehicles. The regiment is also highly effective on foot, which makes it versatile and able to adapt to a range of new environments. Soldiers and officers in the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards are excellent communicators, especially as part of their role includes training foreign military personnel. 

The regiment’s deployments have taken it all over the world: in 1991 it breached the Iraqi defensive line in the Gulf War; from 2003-2007 it took part in three operational tours in Iraq, and in 2008-2014 it took part in three operational tours of Afghanistan. They currently have a squadron on peace keeping duties in Mali for the United Nations. 

Anthony left the regiment in 2010 having taken part in serval tours and was awarded in Mention In Dispatches (MID) for actions conducted whilst on Op BRACKEN.  

He joined ADS in 2017, helping us to continue our growth as a strong family firm (several other family members are also part of our team). 

Our founder Andrew loves having his brother on board and appreciates his military discipline and commitment.

“Anthony has made a huge impact here at ADS, helping to keep all our operations running smoothly,” he says. “He has a keen eye for detail and he’s a great leader, really motivating our teams and ensuring that everyone gives 100%. We’re glad that when he left the military, he decided to join us – 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards’ loss is definitely our gain. Anthony D’Auria, we salute you!”